TrackStar is a tool for the whole hospital to be safer and more efficient

  • Minimize HAI
  • Clinical Productivity & Workflow Efficiency Gains
  • Reduce Escalating Staff, Equipment & Consumables Costs

Inherent inefficiencies cost hospitals > $150/bed each day

Healthcare-Associated Infections

The most effective way to prevent the spread of HAI is adherence to WHO hand hygiene compliance processes. 

“There are multiple papers that show adherence to hand hygiene, according to the WHO guidelines, is usually around 50% to 60%,” Elaine Larson, PhD, RN Columbia University School of Nursing, told Infectious Disease News.  

The average U.S. hospital spends $42K per hospital bed on healthcare-associated infections each year. 

Asset Management

According to GE Healthcare, hospital asset utilization hovers around 32-38%. Nationwide, hospitals are overspending billions each year — usually unknowingly— on mobile assets that are not utilized effectively.

Lost and stolen hospital equipment costs $4-$5K per bed each year.

One study of 989 nurses show they spend a minimum of one hour and up to 30% of each shift  looking for equipment and supplies.

Inventory Management

University of Cincinnati analysis of hospital supply chains – medicines, materials, devices and of office supplies – reveals that the use of RFID technology can help hospitals cut as much as 18 percent in labor costs associated with resupplying. The research has implications for affecting many significant costs associated with hospital supplies. On average, supplies and inventory account for 30 to 40 percent of an average hospital’s budget, according to the research.

Business Intelligence and Actionable Information



TrackStar is a whole hospital solution to track patients, caregivers, consumables, equipment and space utilization for all departments driving better cash flow and gross margins. It uses low cost RFID sensors as the heart of an evidence driven system to deliver benefits ranging from:

  1. Better hand hygiene for less hospital acquired infections
  2. PAR level inventory management
  3. Eliminating out of stocks
  4. Managing lot expiration and errors
  5. Increasing inventory turns
  6. Reducing errors in preference cards
  7. Increasing staff productivity

Deploying TrackStar as a hospital wide system offers superior payback and ROI compared to any other investment a hospital might make. It also future proofs because expanding the system is done inexpensively by reusing the same infrastructure and applying a low cost RFID tag. 

Problems Solved Via TrackStar

  1. Asset Utilization – reduce search times and hoarding
  2. Work Flow – improve patient outcomes; interactions, hourly analytics, queue busting
  3. Hand Hygiene – improve actual (vs. reported) hand hygiene compliance to >90%
  4. HAI Forensics –  now when a HAC event occurs- staff can immediately find, and isolate all staff and equipment that had been in the quarantined area - plus they can identify every other room that person or asset had been in since leaving the quarantined area 
  5. Patient Care – rounding, ambulation, pressure ulcers, fall angel, nurse call response times
  6. Operating Room – faster room turnover & accurate preference cards
  7. Inventory – reduce out of stock and expiration loss, optimize par values facility-wide

Improve the Patient Care Experience

  1. Lower Hospital Acquired Infections
  2. Optimize Staff:Patient Ratio
  3. Optimize Patient Length of Stay
  4. Decrease Left Without Treatment
  5. Reduce Patient Falls
  6. Track Patient Ambulation
  7. Raise Five Star Medicare Rating
  8. Improve Workflow
  9. Increase OR Case Flow

Cumulative Layers of ROI from One Solution

How TrackStar Works


STEP 1 - Place tags on items such as beds, IV pumps, heart telemetry, ultrasounds, surgical instruments, etc.     

STEP 2 - RFID enable your hospital, surgery center, or clinical facility.    

STEP 3 - Actionable healthcare intelligence to run your hospital better.


Infinitely customizable RFID TAGS, readers and scanners that gather and transmit MEANINGFUL DATA every second of every day, without a break and without needing overtime pay

Placed strategically throughout a specific hospital POINT OF INTEREST – medical floor, ICU, OR, ER, equipment, staff, hand-washing station, or an entire hospital

All data gathered with ZERO EFFORT from hospital personnel


TRACKSTAR is analytic software that provides business intelligence & actionable information to your managers and users

- instant visibility and analysis of real-time, empirical data

TrackStar Drives Sustained Gains


By identifying all characteristics (including bottlenecks and inefficiencies) of the current workflow we can seamlessly and effectively implement tactics that create the least disruption to patient care and existing processes

Once TRACKSTAR is installed and functional, data can be gathered, analyzed and reported without disrupting the ongoing operational processes   

Multiple points of distinction evolving from one underlying TRACKSTAR platform. Just one of the multiple Use Cases generates enough cost savings to pay for the underlying hardware and a generous ROI to the bottom line


  • API for any sensors
  • Responsive Web Design
  • HL7 interface for import and export
  • Large scale modular system with Single Sign-on
  • Cloud, virtual machine, on-site server - satiates any IT department protocol

Primary Areas Benefited



The cost for hospital acquired infections is approximately $30k per year per bed

On any given day, about one in 31 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection 

In only 19 months, TrackStar helped improve hand hygiene compliance at one of the Nation's 15 Top Health Systems from under 25% to 86%, they have presently improved to >90%


By utilizing Six-Sigma, LEAN and pKANBAN principles, TrackStar utilizes RFID to keep count with improved accuracy. Ensure on-hand supply matches demand. Coordinate PAR levels across multiple stock areas, minimize lot expiration waste, and lower buffer stock

Utilizing TrackStar improved inventory turnover from 2.5X to 7X for one of the Nation's 15 Top Health Systems  - generating a one time savings of $3.7M  


Location Engine - find equipment with ease using easy floor plan push pin markers

- Stops equipment hoarding

- Quickly locate a desired piece of equipment

Actionable Information at Your Fingertips

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