Cumulative Layers of ROI from One Underlying Solution

How TrackStar Works


Infinitely customizable RFID TAGS, readers and scanners that gather and transmit MEANINGFUL DATA every second of every day, without a break and without needing overtime pay

Placed strategically throughout a specific hospital POINT OF INTEREST – medical floor, ICU, OR, ER, equipment, staff, hand-washing station, or an entire hospital

Modular solution - can start small and grow to encompass the entire facility

All data gathered with ZERO EFFORT from hospital personnel


Proprietary TRACKSTAR analytic software that provides business intelligence & actionable information to your managers and users

- instant visibility and analysis of real-time, empirical data

Location Engine - pinpoint resources on a real-time floor plan

Easy to understand, unequivocally accurate

- 24/7 monitoring/tracking requires no additional FTE’s


Over 5 billion RFID tags sold last year

- Governed by ISO standards (ISO 180063)

- Huge choice for off the shelf tags

Allows for rapid deployment

Tracks patients, staff, vendors, visitors, inventory, work flow, moveable and fixed medical devices

What makes American RFID Solutions and unique?

We document existing processes to baseline existing performance metrics 

By identifying all characteristics (including bottlenecks and inefficiencies) of the current workflow we can seamlessly and effectively implement tactics that create the least disruption to patient care and existing processes

Once TRACKSTAR is installed and functional, data can be gathered, analyzed and reported without disrupting the ongoing operational processes  

Harold Clampitt, CEO & Founder of ARS is the inventor and spearhead for this unique way of maximizing patient care while generating cumulative layers of ROI from a single scalable technology solution 

Multiple points of distinction evolving from one underlying TRACKSTAR platform. Just one of the multiple Use Cases generates enough cost savings to pay for the underlying hardware and a generous ROI to the bottom line

Cumulative ROI is achieved when multiple solutions are deployed (Hand Hygiene + Inventory, etc.). The incremental cost of adding additional tags is marginal once the initial infrastructure is in-place, Inc. is the Alaska-based licensee for American RFID Solutions, LLC

Every Department in the Hospital Benefits


A CDC study indicates the cost for hospital acquired infections is approximately $42k per year per bed

In 2012, one out of every eight patients suffered a HAC during a hospital stay

However, 87% of hospitals do not follow evidence-based guidelines that would contribute to their prevention

In less than a years time, TrackStar helped improve hand hygiene compliance at One of the Nation's 15 Top Health Systems from under 25% to 86% 


By utilizing Six-Sigma, LEAN and pKANBAN principles, TrackStar utilizes RFID to keep count with improved accuracy. Ensure on-hand supply matches demand. Coordinate PAR levels across multiple stock areas, minimize lot expiration waste, and lower buffer stock

Utilizing TrackStar from American RFID Solutions improved inventory turnover from 2.5X to 7X for One of the Nation's 15 Top Health Systems - generating a one time savings of $3.7M 


Location Engine - find equipment with ease using easy floor plan push pin markers

- Stops equipment hoarding

- Quickly locate a desired piece of equipment

EASY AS 1-2-3

STEP 1  

Place tags on items such as beds, IV pumps, heart telemetry, ultrasounds, surgical instruments, etc.     

STEP 2  

RFID enable your hospital, surgery center, or clinical facility.    


STEP 3  

Actionable HEALTHCARE intelligence to run your hospital better.

Work Flow Efficiency Gains

  • Patient: Staff Ratio   
  • Bed utilization   
  • OR turnover times   
  • ED Patient Management
  • Find orphaned equipment
  • Eliminate manual recording of refrigerator temperatures
  • Surgical preference card accuracy/stocking  
  • Surgical inventory and location monitoring
  • Right drug dispensed in right way at right time to right patient. 

Work Flow Efficiency Gains (Cont'd)


Triggers on user rules to alert to abnormal conditions and workflow bottlenecks. A tool to help the entire hospital work smarter not harder.


Shows trends and KPI (key performance indicators) to facilitate results. Correlate incremental changes to gains in HCAHPS scores or other KPI's.


Check out this Youtube video showing how RFID technology helps provide better patient care and optimizes efficiency and effectiveness across every department in the medical facility

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